How to use psilocybin

The human condition drives us to seek the underlying mystery of existence. Throughout history, humans have embarked on a quest to connect with the divine and transcend their limitations. If you are wondering how to use psilocybin, you must know that encounters with altered states of consciousness may have shaped the formation of deity and the supernatural. Evidence suggests that even early humans possessed religious consciousness. The concept of the sacred has been ingrained in human thought since the earliest stages of our development. 

how to use psilocybin

Human ancestors who knew how to use psilocybin were more successful?

Nature was vital for our survival, and the constant search for sustenance led humans to accidentally consume hallucinogenic plants. These encounters with altered states of consciousness may have shaped the formation of deity and the supernatural. While we cannot know the exact circumstances of our first psychedelic experiences, religious cults centered around hallucinogenic mushrooms have existed in central Mexico for centuries. The direct experience of the transcendent, whether through plants or altered consciousness, has had a profound impact on human history and potentially on our evolution.

Harvesting, Storing, and knowing how to use psilocybin

When the mushroom is fully grown, the cap will get bigger and become more round. At first, the gills are covered by a tissue flap called the veil, which connects the edge of the cap to the stem. As the cap grows, the veil will separate from the cap and form a ring on the stem. You can harvest the mushroom once the veil has separated. If you want to collect a spore print, let the mushroom flatten out like an umbrella before harvesting.

Freshly harvested mushrooms can be eaten right away or dried for storage. To dry them, you can use a gas oven at a low temperature (140°F or less) for 6-10 hours. Another option is to use a heat lamp or place them on a screen over a heating vent. Mushrooms are completely dry when they feel hard like crackers and not spongy.

To maintain their potency, the dried mushrooms should be sealed in plastic bags, with the air removed, in five-gram portions. Then, place the bags in a tightly sealed glass container or other moisture-proof container and store them in the freezer. If left in the open air, dried mushrooms lose their potency quickly.

It’s important not to freeze fresh mushrooms without drying them first, as they will become a messy, black substance. however, how to use psilocybin is not rocket science. Fresh mushrooms can be stored in a plastic bag in the vegetable compartment of the refrigerator for about a week to ten days. If they are older than that, it’s best to either eat them or dry them to prevent spoilage.

Do you have your mushrooms?

Since you are inquiring how to use psilocybin, we asume you already have your mushrooms. So Once you’ve harvested your mushrooms, there are a few ways to prepare them for long-term storage. One option is to dry them. You can do this by placing them in a gas oven at a low temperature (140°F or lower) for 6-10 hours. Another method is to use a heat-lamp or a screen placed over a heating vent. Make sure the mushrooms are fully dried and have a hard, cracker-like texture. They should not feel spongy at all.

To maintain their potency, it’s best to store the dried mushrooms in sealed plastic bags. Divide them into five gram portions and remove as much air as possible from the bags. Then, place the bags in a tightly sealed glass or moisture-proof container and freeze them. This will help preserve their potency.

Potency of mushrooms

Keep in mind that leaving dried mushrooms exposed to the open air will cause them to lose their potency quickly. People who know how to use psilocybin will tell you  If you have fresh mushrooms, don’t freeze them without drying them first, as they will become a messy, black substance. Instead, you can store fresh mushrooms in a plastic bag in the vegetable pan of your refrigerator for about a week to ten days. For mushrooms older than that, it’s best to either consume them or dry them to prevent spoilage

dried mushrooms contain from .2 to .4 percent of psilocybin by weight. Some strains of Stropliaria cubensis have been reported to contain as much as .5% psilocybin.  

How to use psilocybin: the effects.

These effects include visual and auditory hallucinations, extreme hilarity, distortions of time and space perception, and a sense of emotion- al detachment from the environment. Less marked effects can be detected at doses as low as 4 mg., which is about 2-3 dried mushrooms. So better check the dosage if you want to  know how to use psilocybin. Fresh mushrooms seem to be somewhat stronger than dried ones. Psilocybin is one of the least toxic of all hallucinogens. While a full effective dose is 10 mg., its LD50 (lethal dose for 50% of the sample) in the mouse is 280 mg./kg. of body weight.. Mescaline by comparison, has a minimum effective dose of 200 mg. for an average-size adult, and a toxicity 2.5 times that of psilocybin.

The state of mind induced by a full dose of mushrooms is one of euphoria and calm lucidity, with no loss of coherency or clarity of thought. The hallucinations seen with the eyes closed are colorful, hard-edged, and highly articulated, and may range from abstract geometrical forms to visions of fantastic landscapes and architectural vistas. These hallucinations are most intense when the mushroom is taken in the set- ting preferred by the Mazatecans; inside at night in complete darkness. 

how to use psilocybin in the right environment 

how to use psilocybin depends much on the setting. If one is in a natural setting and directs the focus of the senses outward to the environment, one discovers that one’s senses seem keyed to their highest pitch of receptivity, and finds oneself hearing, smelling and seeing things with a clarity and sensitivity seldom, if ever, experienced before. Although it should be clear to anyone who has read this far that cultivating these mushrooms is an endeavor requiring time, patience, care and humility, and one fraught with its own peculiar problems, once one has partaken of these wonderful gifts of nature and experiences the exalted consciousness that they can bring about, we think that they will agree with us that the effort involved provides its own ample reward.

Embrace the experience with a heart filled with positivity and openness. Reflect upon the intentions and aspirations you hold for this sacred communion, be it personal growth, introspection, or nurturing creativity. Emotional equilibrium and mental preparedness are pivotal in paving the path for a transformative encounter.

Enlist the presence of a trusted companion or a seasoned guide to accompany you on this psilocybin voyage. They shall offer support, reassurance, and ensure your safety throughout the spiritual odyssey. Choose someone familiar with the ways of psychedelics, who can remain poised and offer unwavering support.

An important lesson on how to use psilocybin

The best advice on how to use psilocybin is a gentle dosage: Embark on this mystical expedition with a humble dose of psilocybin, particularly if you are new to the realm of psychedelics. The potency of various mushroom species may vary, so thoroughly investigate the specific type you possess and commence with a modest quantity. Precise measurement is paramount to avoid excess or inadequacy, this is why I am providing you with a conversion table. This table is provided for those who don’t have scales or other tools

Use this table id order to measure ingredients accurately. While it’s best to measure ingredients precisely, having a scale and graduated cylinder is helpful. If you don’t have that equipment, this table can help estimate measurements and calculate volumes.

  • 112 grams is a little more than half a cup.
  • 2 grams of powdered oyster shell is equivalent to a level half teaspoon.
  • 180 milliliters of water is equal to 6 fluid ounces.
  • 1 gram of yeast extract is about a level half teaspoon.

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